Our Philosophy

There are so many natural soaps on the market. Does the consumer really know what goes into those soaps? Here at the Natural Cottage, we wish you to know what is in our soaps. Our ingredients are plainly listed so that you can tell just what goes into our soaps. When you see Olive Oil, the Olive Oil is Pomace, it makes for a better creamier soap. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good for cooking but the best soaps are made from the Pomace Olive Oil so that is what we use.

Coconut Oil is in most of our soaps. Coconut Oil has such moisturzing and healling properties. A bar soap made with coconut oil contains healing properties for burns and stretch marks.

Creating Beauty from Nature's Bounty, one item at a time. All our products are made with only the finest pure natural oils, butters, salts and essential oils. You benefit from all natural homemade soaps with no chemicals that can harm your skin or body. We take great care in creating each bar or item. Using only natural oils, butters and essential oils our homemade soaps are the finest that we can make for you. Minor imperfections may show up in bars and each bar is unique. We strive to only send out our best products to you. Join our happy family of satisfied customers today and feel great.



Creating beauty out of nature's bounty, one bar at a time. The Natural Cottage


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