Soap Making Classes

Classes are a great way to share my love of premium all natural soap making. There are classes for the beginner and for the advanced soap makers. Sharing your love of soap making can be so much fun and a great learning experience. Teaching the classes helps me to learn too! Each of us knows different ways of doing the soap making process and whether you are working on hot process soap or cold process soap, we all have fun. If you are a total beginner, you will love knowning how to make your own soap when you leave the class.


Beginner classes

This class is of a 2 hour duration and involves making a batch of cold process soap with an olive oil base. These classes are great for the beginner or for the advanced student who is a little rusty in soap making. Each of us had to start somewhere to learn how to make our own handmade soaps. Recipes and sodium hydroxide are discussed and safety measures learned. Cost is $80

  • Mixing essential oils and herbs is discussed.
  • Saponification
  • To color or not to color.
  • All of the safety tips in soap making are covered in depth.
  • Cutting techniques
  • Each class participant will take home two bars of soap.
  • Recipes
  • Soap calculator usage.
  • Drying Times

Each loaf is set to cure and another batch is ready for cutting. Each aspect of cold process soap is discussed. Come join us for a fun time making our favorite soaps.

Classes to be held just for you at an agreed upon time.

**Equipment to bring to class: Rubber Gloves, Safety Glasses and a fun loving attitude.

Advanced classes

Available in soap making. Each class includes creating a batch of cold process soap wtih goat's milk. Fragrances are discussed in detail and some mixing of blends is included. Creation of fancy patterns in the soaps is studied and the sharing can be fun. Bring your ideas and get ready to have some fun with friends who enjoy soap making. We will be making a funnel swirl, column swirl, layed paint chip or piped design. The choice is up to the class which advanced technique that we utilize during class time. As with the beginner class, each participant will take home two bars of soap.

**Equipment to bring to class: Rubber Gloves, Safety Glasses and a fun loving attitude.

Contact Us if you have any additional questions about the classes or to schedule a private class at a convenient time for you.

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